Kids Faerie Week: Summer 2019 - One Full Day Option


Kids Faerie Week: Summer 2019 - One Full Day Option


July 8-12


At 12 Oak Growth and Renewal Center
12 Oak Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Kids Faerie Week is a magical learning experience which supports children ages 4-13 in feeling confident, expressive, and connected to the magic of nature.

Hours are 9am to 3pm.  Younger children (ages 4 through 8) have the option of a half day from 9am to 12pm (see 1/2 day option on previous page).  All ages are welcome for the full day if desired, as we differentiate activities based on age and interests! For information on activities, see below:

During Kids Faerie Week: Summer 2019, we will learn about faeries, gnomes, elves, sea sprites, mermaids, and other magical beings!  We will adorn ourselves with handcrafted wings, wands, crowns, and hats to express our unique spirits. Kids will craft faerie homes, faerie doors, and other crafts from natural and recycled materials.  We will go on herb walks, learn about kid-friendly herbs, and make herbal tea and salve. Children will also have the opportunity to learn about kid-friendly gem flower essence-crafting. We will gather our our own magic stones, and explore the healing properties of crystals.  There will be opportunities for meditation, and moments to explore the wisdom of plants, flowers, stones, and animals. We will learn about the elements, and reflect on the energy of the sun, moon, and earth. We will write and tell stories, listen to faerie tales, and create our own magical faerie performance.  The week will close with a a faerie play, parade, and tea party!

Activities will be differentiated by age.  Staff members will provide activities catered to interests and developmental level.  There will be opportunities for both whole and small group lessons!

We will supply:

-Wing, wand, crown, and other costume-making materials

-Art materials

-Herbal crafting supplies (for kid-friendly herbal tea, salve, and/or flower & gem essences)

-Responsibly sourced crystals/ stones

-A notebook with materials for writing and sketching

-Healthy snacks, filtered water, & 100% Juice

Kids should pack:

-A tote bag or backpack

-A water bottle

-A pre-made lunch (refrigerator available)


-Comfortable shoes

-A towel & bathing suit in case of sprinkler time!

-A back up change of clothes if deemed necessary

Email with questions!

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