Kids Faerie Week: Summer 2019 - One Full Day Option


Kids Faerie Week: Summer 2019 - One Full Day Option


July 8-12


At 12 Oak Growth and Renewal Center
12 Oak Street, Beverly, MA 01915

Kids Faerie Week is a magical learning experience which supports children ages 4-13 in feeling confident, expressive, and connected to the magic of nature.

Hours are 9am to 3pm. Younger children (ages 4 through 8) have the option of a half day from 9am to 12pm (see 1/2 day option on previous page). All ages are welcome for the full day if desired, as we differentiate activities based on age and interests! For information on activities, see below:

Monday 7/8

All about Nature Spirits!

-Learn about types of nature spirits, including faeries, elves, gnomes, sea sprites, and mermaids!

-Adorn yourself with handcrafted wings, crowns, and costumes!

-Listen to faerie tales & play a faerie tale telling game

-Learn about intuition

-Meditate with a faerie stone

-Create a faerie ring

-Craft faerie houses

Tuesday 7/9

Faeries and Animal Energy

-Learn how faeries and nature spirits connect to and care for animals

-Connect to animal energy with your own intuition

-Craft animal puppets and costumes

-Make your own animal oracle cards

-Imagine with animal story telling games

Wednesday 7/10

Herb Faeries

-Explore the healing power of nature on an herb walk

-Explore your intuitive connection to herbs in a plant spirit meditation

-Craft kid-friendly herbal teas

-Make a healing salve

-Construct faerie doors from natural materials

-Paint with plants!

Thursday 7/11

Flower Magic

-Learn to craft flower essences

-Enjoy a floral tea party

-Explore plant magic on a flower walk

-Listen to, write and tell flower faerie tales

-Create flower-themed artwork -Decorate a flower pot and & plant a seed

-Craft a flower crown

Friday 7/12

Sun, Moon, & Earth

-Learn about sun, moon, and earth energy

-Explore the energy of each element in nature

-Explore the magic of healing crystals and stones

-Craft a gem essence

-Paint and make celestial puppets and props

-Shimmer with eco-glitter face paint or an eco-glitter “tattoo”

-Participate in a closing faerie performance and parade!

We will supply healthy snacks, filtered water, & 100% Juice

Kids should pack:

-A tote bag or backpack

-A water bottle

-A pre-made lunch (refrigerator available)


-Comfortable shoes

-A towel & bathing suit in case of sprinkler time!

-A back up change of clothes if deemed necessary

Email with questions!

A registration form will be emailed following payment!

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