Cards Pulled for the Leo Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (1/21/19):

Four of Swords  & Cosmic Union (The World)

*General Themes & Reflections On:

* Four of Swords: exhaustion, reflection, rest, regeneration, meditation, processing, understanding

Where do we sit with ourselves, and how does reflection serve our highest and best?  How does rest support actions we take and services we provide?

*Cosmic Union (The World ): completion, endings, beginnings, wholeness, unity

What truths are we wrapping up and how are will they be transformed through new beginnings?  How does what is culminating drive us forward? How can we more fully act from a space of truth and love?  

*Reflections on these cards united:

How can we prepare ourselves to lead for the collective good?   

As we take care of ourselves , we open more to caring for others.

We need folx to reflect in order to more clearly reflect on others, to sift through energies in their own psyche in a way which benefits collective thoughts and wellbeing.  

What is the story we are telling ourselves?  What stories are we telling about others?

How do the voices in our own heads prevent us from reaching out or being true?

This is a difficult environment to thrive in.  “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a sick society “ (Jiddu Krishnamurti), yet we are working to reframe the paradigm.

We are working to evolve from past limitations.  These limitations differ for each individual. Our society has institutionalized  systems of limitation which target minorities. Through reflection and recognition of our own privileges where applicable, we can more wholly work for equality.  

We all have a voice to share.  Take care of the voice you use when speaking to yourself as well as to others.  Let’s walk up an energetic staircase to higher thoughts and ways of being, and let’s support each other when we feel ourselves moving down a spiral staircase to lower vibratory ways of thinking, speaking, and being.  

On this Martin Luther King Jr Day with a Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse, we can set intentions to leave behind stagnant ways of being to embrace more complete love.  

*What are 3 steps you could take for the good of you?  (your mind, your voice, your body, your spirit)

*What are 3 steps you could take for the good of the collective?  (our collective mind and voice, our earth and bodies, spirit guides)

*Potential Tarot Spread for this Moon:

Card One: Where does my heart sit?

Card Two: What am I shedding?

Card Three: What is beyond the bridge of this eclipse for me?

Card Four: What does my higher self wish to say?